Surveillance and monitoring for industrial applications
Efficiency & Productivity
Let Galileo be your ally, providing you with tools to improve your productivity & increase efficiency leading to a better customer experience, translating directly to increased sales and improved profitability
GPS Tracking Watch
Keep your child located at all times.
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Galileo is an international firm with a global presence: Offices in Europe • Canada • Australia • Philippines • Maghreb • Jordan
Versatile multi user, multi OS interface
Galileo provides a web based dynamic user interface which adapts to any device or operating system, giving you access to vital intelligence at any time, and any where.

Galileo Europe, improve the productivity of your company

Galileo Satellite Control Systems provides telemetry applications for tracking and fleet management, GPS / GPRS / RF / and satellite telecoms based. Our web-based solution “Galileo WebTrack” provides essential location based information in real time.
It is intuitive and easy to use, with actionable reporting based on historical exceptions, facilitating heightened security and optimizing the use of all types of mobile resources. This leads to better risk management, increased operational efficiency, better customer service, in turn translating to a more abundant bottom line!
Exception based automated alerting tools, location based (zone/speed) or produced by a wide variety of sensors, provide the highest levels of security in case of any incidence, emergencies, falls, robbery, performance etc.


The particular service provides solutions for family, loved ones, elderly, pets, etc., as well as vehicles with the peace of knowing where you are and the ability to issue warnings of theft or any problem.


The companies package helps reduce time control over personnel and vehicles to devote to managing your customers, business growth and manage their business. Our solution handles reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.

Large fleet

Grand Fleet service time is reduced control over their vehicles and personnel, able to increase productivity, improve route management, competitive differentiation and vehicles in perfect condition. Do not hesitate, with Galileo you will be aware of every detail in every moment of all its vehicles.


Our exception based alert service will keep you current on any situation, facilitating intelligent location based decisions regarding your key assets.


We provide the tools to assist you in making fast decisions about your personnel or mobile assets, optimising operations, cutting costs and increasing productivity.


At the click of a button, you will obtain and be able to act on real time location based data, as well as that generated by sensors such as temperature, fuel levels, and any other on/off  switches or controls.


Our suite of web based tools will help you to avoid wasting valuable time time, providing you with more resources to better manage your clients and your company.

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