Specific service for Business

The Business package helps reduce time control over personnel and vehicles to devote to managing your customers, business growth and manage their business. Our solution handles reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.


  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduction of time in control


Costs, vehicle management, vehicle maintenance, productivity, etc. are key to your business or company.

Galileo Business is aimed at companies that want to improve performance and profits through intelligent management by location of their vehicles, goods and personnel.


Control staff and shifts (cast,
commercial, autoventa, …) largely involve visits
management of your company

Galileo Satellite Control Systems helps you improve your personal organization autonomously and affordable. From your computer you can instantly locate all employees, knowing not only his position, but also the speed of the vehicle in real time.

Galileo helps you reduce your time control over personnel and vehicles to devote to managing their clients, address and company growth.


We know that their vehicles are essential for maximum productivity and keeping them under control is vital.

Galileo Satellite Control Systems maintains his vehicle under control so that you can locate their mobile phone stolen from vehicle in minutes. The statistics do not lie: the number of vehicles found after theft is increased by over 70% with our devices.

Our assistance goes beyond black box systems. You can register your travel, being able to know what problems arise and may be in total tranquility.

  • Real-time location of distributors and commercial business
  • Consultation tours
  • Management of breakpoints and times
  • Alerts outputs assigned routes or area
  • Alerts engine diagnostic; to prevent breakdowns
  • Alerts scheduled maintenance; to improve profitability


  • Alerts on aggressive driving; to avoid damage, fines or penalties
  • Control, route management and programming; to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve customer Service

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