Frequent questions

What do I need to track and manage my car?

A device installed in each vehicle, we will provide.
A computer with Internet access.
A user name and password that will also provide you.

Do I need to install any software?

No, the software is accessed through our website.

Is the platform compatible with all browsers GSCs?

Yes, our platform is accessible from any browser.

Do I have to configure computers?

No, we will deliver already configured.

Do the devices need a SIM card ?, that extra cost?

If needed, but it will provide it already installed on each computer and discharged. The maintenance cost of the SIM card is included in the cost of our services.

What is the best satellite tracking device Vehicle for me?

We offer various types of devices, each with its own characteristics.
Depending on the specific use and objectives are planning, we will recommend the one that best suits your needs. We have a group of highly qualified consultants in Satellite Tracking of vehicles that will help you select the right device.

What is the difference between a GPS locator for your company and use a mobile to locate people or things?

The difference is that with a mobile phone has to be next to use while tracking devices with our company is not required, they work remotely and can be ordered to do things at a distance. With mobile you can not track or route or set alarms. You also do not leave your mobile on purpose in the car to watch, but our device itself is made for that. If a mobile upper-middle range device is lost more than 300 euros of value in addition to the agenda, photos, messages, and all the private life of the person is lost. Our devices do not attract attention, they make no noise and are very discreet.

How I can access my account?

It will provide an account for online access with a username and password of your choice. It will also give the website address of satellite tracking of vehicles. Any computer with a standard Web browser will suffice to enter and locate your vehicle.

Can I follow my vehicles wherever they go?

You can locate and track your vehicles wherever there is a GPRS communication network and GPS coverage.

Does GPS available everywhere?

Yes, GPS is available worldwide. However, inside buildings, tunnels, etc. GPS signals may be partially blocked. This might limit the tracking of vehicles temporarily, nevertheless, the device continues to store information about their movements.

What if the system does not find my vehicle?

There is currently a system of satellite tracking of vehicles to give a 100% coverage. The vehicle may be out of range of the cellular or parked in a garage network, affecting GPS signals. The climatic and atmospheric conditions can also affect tracking requests and responses. Wait a few minutes or wait until weather conditions improve and try again. Also note that the driver may be residing temporarily in an area of low cell signal and its return may not occur until 1-7 days. You may have to try to locate the vehicle for a period of 5-10 days to obtain a successful response to the location. Please contact our support department for further assistance.

Does the system work 24 hours a day?

Yes, the system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What price have GPS tracking devices in your company?

The price depends on the model chosen, but from there no more to pay anything.

Can anyone find my GPS device?

DO NOT. They can only do the people you have set to be “administrators” and therefore to handle remote locator device.

What guarantee do GPS tracking systems your company?

Our devices are guaranteed for a period of 24 months, within which the device will be replaced in case of failure. This warranty does not cover damage caused by manipulation by anyone other than Galileo Satellite Control Systems or by misuse of the devices.

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