Specific service for large fleets

Grand Fleet service time is reduced control over their vehicles and personnel, able to increase productivity, improve route management, competitive differentiation and vehicles in perfect condition. Do not hesitate, with Galileo you will be aware of every detail in every moment of all its vehicles.


  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Complete more jobs without adding staff
  • Strengthen your competitive advantage
  • To promote the safety of your business


Galileo large fleets is the solution that your company is looking to improve profits and productivity of your business through intelligent management by location of their vehicles, goods and personnel. Galileo is differentiated from the competition and will have all its vehicles in perfect condition.


To effectively manage these challenges, maximize its competitive edge and increase your earning potential you need a single unified solution, one that can increase the performance of its fleet and improve your business.

Commercial property

How many shipments must manage your company does each day ?, tens ?, hundreds ?, locate them at all times and allow our system to alert when the shipment has reached its destination even before the courier companies.

All shipments will be received and conflict disappear. Your company can organize their own shipments, reducing costs

  • Real-time location of vehicles and goods both
    national and international
  • Consultation tours
  • Management of breakpoints and residence times
  • oGestión route from the control center and sent to the browser
  • Alerts engine diagnostic; to prevent breakdowns
  • Alerts scheduled maintenance; to improve
    profitability vehicles
  • Alerts on aggressive driving; to avoid damage, penalties or
  • Control, route management and programming; to improve
    productivity, reduce costs and improve customer Service

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