Services tailored for personal use

The Personal service offers solutions focused on the needs of families, loved ones, children, adolescents, spouses or seniors, even pets, as well as personal and recreational vehicles,  providing the peace of mind of knowing where loved ones are located, as well as alerts in case of emergencies, unauthorised use or robbery.


  • Real time notifications
  • Detailed map locations
  • On demand engine cut in case of robbery


Personal security is a priority for Galileo, for which we have developed various solutions. Galileo WebTrack (r) provides a user friendly and intuitive interface, not requiring of any advanced computer literacy to make the most of even advanced features.


Particular Galileo is intended for children, the elderly and practitioners of extreme sports, pets, etc. They provide peace of mind where you are from your computer and to alert you if a problem occurs.


The particular vehicle service finds out the location of your stolen vehicle and also alerts you to the condition of the engine, controls and maintenance for your vehicle.


Instant Notification: Galileo Satellite Control Systems gives you the peace of mind that their vehicles and assets under close observation 24/7. Since the location of their vehicles is transmitted every 10 seconds until our data centers, the lightest irregularities such as starting the engine or vehicle movement after hours are detected immediately.
Highly detailed maps: Since GPS tracking ensures you receive the location of their vehicles every 10 seconds, you will be able to quickly and easily locate their vehicles. Galileo Satellite Control Systems uses highly detailed maps allowing reporting the location of the vehicle to the police so that they can retrieve their vehicles or goods as soon as possible.
Stop Thieves: Thieves can get lucky and go full speed down an empty road. Galileo Satellite Control Systems, as a last resort, offers the cutting function of the engine to all devices and can close any specific motor vehicle operations, effectively stopping the thieves.


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