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Galileo Business Package

Our business package enables organizations to more effectively manage their personnel. Through the use of the many features included in this package, businesses are able to reduce costs and increase productivity.  We pride ourselves in offering the best to our customers so that they can offer the best to theirs. 



  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Better time mangement

Being well informed is the first step in making real improvement to the management of any organization. With the information provided by our system you will be able to stay on top of vehicle maintenance and quickly resolve issues as they arise. 

Galileo Business is aimed at companies that want to improve performance and profits through the use of  intelligent, location based management of their vehicles, goods and personnel.

Galileo Satellite Control Systems offers a complete solution to common personnel management issues. From your computer you can instantly locate all employees, regardless of whether or not they are using a company vehicle. Our system allows for the monitoring of vehicles and individuals on the same user friendly platform. 

Our customers are able to shift their focus from the management of their employees to improving the overall customer satisfaction and growing their businesses.  


We understand how difficult it can be to manage your organization´s vehicle fleet. Over the years Galileo has worked with countless companies from a wide variety of sectors helping them to solve their fleet management issues. 

The statistics do not lie: the number of stolen vehicles recoverd is increased by over 70% with our devices. 

 Our years of experience in the field have led to the devolpment of tools which enable users to be notified of unusual activity in real time. If, for example, movement is detected without ignition contact, our system will automatically send you a notification of this activity via email or SMS. 

  • Real-time location of employess working in the field 
  • Management of idle time and breaks 
  • Zone and speed alerts 
  • Vehicle maintanence alerts 
  • Alerts on aggressive driving; to avoid damage, fines or penalties
  • Control, route management and programming; to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve customer service