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Distribute our Products and Services

Galileo offers telemetry applications for tracking and fleet management, GPS / GPRS / RF / and satellite telecoms based. Our web-based solution is called “Galileo WebTrack” and provides information in real time. It is intuitive and easy to use, with actionable reporting based on historical exceptions, facilitating heightened security and optimizing the use of all types of mobile resources. This leads to better risk management, increased operational efficiency, better customer service, in turn translating to a more abundant bottom line!

Galileo WebTrack is an elegant internet based subscription service with a hardware component.

Potential customers range from individuals interested in security, to companies who will benefit from active field surveillance of fleets of vehicles or personnel from an operational point of view.

Applications range from monitoring individuals such as Persons of Interest (VIP/lone workers/high risk workers), the elderly, the disabled (health applications), children and adolescents. Field staff, lone workers or people working in hazardous conditions. Active monitoring of all kinds, such as containers, scientific equipment or mobile equipment or even stationary equipment in remote locations.

We specialize in the SaaS model and we are becoming less dependent on the hardware, allowing us to apply protocols of new models of hardware as demand and markets evolve, to our SaaS platform.


Please contact us for more information on becoming a distributor of the products and services provided by Galileo Satellite Control Systems